Coming Soon: Your Personalized Styling Session by X Styling


The art of in-person styling is all about making a powerful comeback. Beyond the realm of virtual consultations and algorithms, there's a unique and personalized touch that only face-to-face interaction can bring to the world of fashion and style. Enter the realm of in-person styling soon at X Styling, the place to transform your wardrobe and elevate your confidence.

Color theory analysis is the first step in our in-person styling sessions. We go beyond the screen to provide a comprehensive understanding of your unique color palette, ensuring that the hues you choose enhance your natural features and complement your complexion. But our approach doesn't stop there; we delve deeper into your personal style, considering everything from fashion preferences to specific color likes and dislikes.

Here's what you can expect from our in-person styling sessions:

  1. Tailored Color Palettes: Establishing a color palette that aligns with your individuality and enhances your confidence.

  2. Personalized Consultation: Delving into your lifestyle, from work to special occasions, to adapt color recommendations for various contexts.

  3. Body Type Consideration: Discussing your body type and preferences to emphasize or downplay certain areas through thoughtful color choices.

  4. Versatile Wardrobe Building: Offering guidance on creating a color-coordinated wardrobe with versatile pieces that align with your preferences and objectives.

  5. Balancing Act: Providing tips on balancing bold and subtle color choices for different occasions.

  6. Digital Palette Delivery: Sending you your personalized digital palettes within 2-5 days after the in-person session for easy reference.

But our commitment to you doesn't end there. We take it a step further by extending our expertise to occasions and events. Whether it's a special celebration or a professional gathering, our in-person styling sessions cover every aspect of your style needs.

For special occasions, we:

  1. Theme and Dress Code Alignment: Consider the theme or dress code of the occasion to ensure your outfit seamlessly fits the context.

  2. Wardrobe Assessment: Evaluate your existing wardrobe to determine if additional items need to be purchased or rented.

  3. Comprehensive Style Guide: Create a personalized style guide using Canva, offering outfit ideas, accessory suggestions, and beauty tips tailored to the occasion.

At X Styling, we believe that in-person styling goes beyond selecting colors; it's about curating an experience that celebrates your individuality. Let us guide you on a journey where every color choice becomes a confident step toward a more stylish you. Elevate your style with our in-person color styling – where personalization meets perfection.